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clbandfolyfe's Journal

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we like B.O.
cramped toes.
fat men.
and the mother effing hey song.

we ARE the center line high school marching band.

alumni welcome.
"chickon deock", "malorie leemin", "sarah combotta", "valerie with a v", band, band booster animal crackers, band camp '99, band camps from hell, band hoodies, band skirts, band tuxedos, being made fun of, bomp bomp diga domp, breaking bones, broken windows, cadences, cedar point, chair position try-outs, chalenges, charile brown, coming down during seminar, detentions, diareha rain gear, dickies(the frilly kind), dinkles, drill masters, dropping cymbals, drum major boots, fighting on the bus, freshman hazing, getting pied, greezed lightning, having no friends, hiding in practice rooms, into the storm, jeans under band pants, joekolar i choose you, kicking ass, kicking scrabble ass, king cobra, last minute changes, last minute directions, last minute playing tapes, letting the baloons fly, liking dude, lose cavin lose, macho nacho, marching, marching festival, master splinter, mr.osborne, ms. galvan, napolean, not wearing pants, one armed drummers, ones at festival, p.u.t., pack up time, place shirts, plates, playing in the cold, playing in the rain, playing out of turn, playing the wrong instruments, plumes, putting things in tubas, queen, really long zippers, red hot sextionals, rip taylor, ripping up d-fence signs, rolloff two three four, saggy pants, slappin that ass, smack jeff, special k, steady clicks, store!, subdivide, taking names, talking at graduation, talking out of turn, thanksgiving day parade, the "fight" song, the "hey" song, the band bible, the cape, the drum major closet, the equipment truck, the green chair, the joekolar pop attack, the risers, the westbay era, those big orange fingers, throwing hangers, tj maxx santa, uncle joe, voluntary segregation, whistles in the ear, win cavin win, yard markers, zebras